Constitution and Bylaws



The name of the organization shall be called THE TEXAS BAPTIST BIVOCATIONAL /SMALLER MEMBERSHIP MINISTERS AND SPOUSES ASSOCIATION. Hereafter identified as, “The Association.”


The purposes of The Association are: 1. To provide information that may be used to help Texas Baptist Bivocational and Smaller Membership ministers in their work for the Kingdom. 2. To present an annual program of inspiration and motivation to do more for the Kingdom. 3. To provide affirmation and support for Bivocational and Smaller Membership Ministers and their spouses. 4. To provide a means of recognition of Bivocational and Smaller Membership Ministers for outstanding contributions to the work of Christ’s Kingdom. 5. To provide a network to help connect Bivocational and Smaller Membership ministers to ministry opportunities.


Membership in The Association shall be open to all Texas Baptist Bivocational and Smaller Membership staff persons and spouses serving in churches/missions that are participating supporters of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, or to persons who have a heartbeat for Bivocational, Smaller membership Ministry in Texas. Voting membership is limited to all Members of the Association who have paid a membership fee. The fee is to be collected by the Treasurer or his designated representative. ARTICLE IV - OFFICERS

Those members of the association attending the annual meeting shall elect officers annually. Recommendations for officers shall be made by a nominating committee made up of members appointed by the president and nominations from the floor.
Election shall be by majority vote. Elected officers shall be elected annually to serve terms not exceeding three consecutive years in the same position. The officers of the Association shall be: 1. President 2. First Vice-President 3. Second Vice-President 4. Secretary

The Association may add other officers as the need arises.

The elected Officers of the Association will contract an Executive Director.


The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

1. President – The President shall preside, or ask one of the Vice-Presidents to preside, at all regular and called meetings, serve as the Chairperson of the Administrative Committee, serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, and perform other duties as required by the office.

2. First Vice-President – The First Vice-President shall preside at the meetings of the Association in the absence of the President. The First Vice-President shall preside as chairperson of the annual planning meeting.

3. Second Vice-President – The Second Vice-President shall serve as Chairperson of the Membership Committee.

4. Secretary – The Secretary shall keep all records of the Association.

5. The elected Officers of the Association will contract a Treasurer. The Treasurer shall receive and account for all finances of the Association. The Treasurer shall make available at the annual meeting a written accounting for all income and disbursements of Association funds. The Treasurer shall present a written accounting of income, disbursements and all accounts quarterly to the Administrative Committee.

6. The elected Officers of the Association will contract an Executive Director. The Executive Director reports directly to the elected Officers of the Association The Executive Director has the responsibility to provide the comprehensive spiritual, visionary, relational, and associational leadership that is necessary to ensure the effective implementation of the mission of the Bivocational/Small Church Association. The Executive Director also effectively monitors and evaluates the performance of the association to ensure accomplishment of strategies, objectives, and goals within the limitations of available resources. This includes effectively guiding the organization to be alert and responsive in meeting the needs of the churches, servant leaders, and their families.
Areas of Responsibility: Provide leadership, management, and oversight to the association by working in the following areas: • Provide visionary leadership for the development of a strategic plan to fulfill the mission of the association as stated in Article II - Purposes. • Oversee Associational Officers Meetings. • Provide leadership in the budget process, committee appointments, and crisis management. • Provide evaluation, problem solving, leadership, and encouragement. • Work with churches and institutions to promote and support ministry initiatives. • Work with the Associational Director of Missions. • Work with the Baptist General Convention of Texas. • Work with the Women's Mission Union of Texas. • Promote the Mary Hill Davis Offering and the Cooperative Program of the BGCT. Requirements for the Position of Executive Director: 1. Licensed and Ordained in the Gospel Ministry. 2. Must have experience in serving in a small membership church. 3. Must be currently be a member of a church that is uniquely aligned with the BGCT and remain a member of a church that is uniquely aligned with the BGCT. ARTICLE VI – ADVISOR

The Advisor of the Association shall be the Director of the Office of Bivocational/Smaller Church Development of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. The Advisor shall offer counsel to the Association and its membership and meet with the Administrative Committee upon request.


Standing Committees:

1. Administrative Committee – The Administrative Committee shall function between the sessions of the Association. It shall be composed of the elected officers of the Association.

2. Membership Committee – The Second Vice-President shall lead the Membership Committee, which shall consist of at least two members named by the administrative committee. This committee shall actively recruit members for the Association, and promote attendance at the Association’s annual meeting.

3. Nominating Committee – The President or his designee shall appoint the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall consist of an odd number of members, no less than three. The committee is to bring their nominations for a vote before the membership at the next annual business meeting. Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor. Those persons making additional nominations will have already received permission from the nominee prior to raising that nomination.
4. Scholarship Committee – The 2nd Vice President of the Association shall lead the Scholarship Committee. It shall be composed of at least one other officer of the Association and three members named by the Administrative Committee. The committee shall determine the amount of scholarships and the recipient(s).

5. Ad Hoc Committees – The President, upon approval of the Administrative Committee and/or the Association may appoint Ad Hoc Committees.


Meetings of the Association shall be as follows:

1. Annual meeting – The Association shall hold an annual meeting. The Administrative Committee will determine the annual meeting venue. 2. Special meetings – A planning meeting will be held prior to the annual meeting. The Administrative Committee will determine the venue for the meeting. 3. The Administrative Committee may call special meetings as needed to take care of business between annual meetings and regular planning meetings.


This constitution may be amended at any annual meeting by a majority vote of the membership present. An amendment must be presented in writing and will be voted on at the next annual business meeting.

*Amended and approved on July 13, 2013, Annual Business Meeting.

  August 2021  
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